The Son of Man

Who do men say that I the Son of Man am? Matthew 16:13


When Jesus asked the disciples this question he gives us a hint to what the answer should be. The hint that He gives is found in the phrase the Son of Man. Some would say that when the Bible calls him the Son of God it speaks of his divinity but when the Bible calls him the Son of Man it speaks of his humanity. While this statement has some merit there is more to it than this. In order to understand the phrase Son of Man we will have to turn to the Old Testament.


In Daniel chapter 7:13-14 we find a reference to the Son of Man. The setting is in heaven and the Ancient of Days is seated on the throne. Daniel states that He (the Son of Man) was coming with the clouds of heaven.   Apparently the Son of Man just left earth to return to heaven. While Ezekiel is mentioned as the son of man in his book, something is different with the phrase that we find in Daniel. First Daniel states that he is one like the Son of Man. In other words his figure is human but he is different (those of us who believe on Him can testify of this).


Other hints that we find in Daniel are that He was given authority, glory and sovereign power and all nations worshipped Him (notice that he is a universal Savior).  In verse fourteen (notice the hint) His dominion and his kingdom will never pass away. Let’s look again at the hints: (1) He will return to heaven with clouds. (2) He has the form of a man but He is different. (3) All power in heaven and earth is given unto him. (4) He will be worshipped by all nations (who is to be worshipped but God alone). These references point to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   When Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man he gives them the answer to who he really is not what people are saying about him.


One of my favorite tests to take in school was an open book test. The reason why I liked this test was simple: All I had to do was find a similar sentence that was on the test in my textbook and fill in the blank. This gave me to opportunity to improve my overall grade in that class. Here Jesus gives the disciples an open book test. I can hear the Master say “I am giving you a part of the answer, go to Daniel look at the description and fill in the blank.” I want to make a simple observation here. No one argued over Jesus’s humanity while He was on earth. In fact they knew his family. The people in Jesus’s day argued over his divinity. By Jesus calling himself the Son of Man he was stating more than the fact that he was human, He was telling us that He is God.