It’s Time to MOVE!

“You have stayed long enough at this mountain.                                                          


 –Deuteronomy 1:6



Make the decision to move.  Trust and have faith in the LORD GOD that he is truly moving you to better things in life.  Moving in essense means to physically remove ones self from one location to another; however, many of us need to make some emotional, spiritual, and social moves to get where GOD is trying to lead us!



  “This is the day that the lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it”  Psalm 118:24.  Ask GOD to show you the people he has placed in your life that you will be able to rejoice with in your time of moving.  These are going to be the people who are going to encourage you, pray with you,  and have your back throughout this process of progress!



Whenever there is change there is going to be some adversity.  Today, let’s go to GOD and ask him to give us a plan to help meet this adversity head on.  The devil does not want us to move into the position that GOD has for us because when we do we will be living in GOD’s Will for us!  Therefore, let us devise a plan to Overcome!



  It’s time to reflect!  Why have you be “stuck” so long? Pray and ask GOD to reveal to you the deep underlying reasons why you have been stuck in this situation for so long!  When you figure this out then you can do something about it.



  Today is reMoving Day!  Pray and ask GOD to show you all the stumbling blocks that need to be removed out of your life, and when He does…get rid of them.  Also, pray that He will help you deal with the issues that have kept you “stuck” for so long.  Doing this will ensure that you are on your Way to where GOD wants you to be!



  Now this is the million dollar question…Where will I be when I get where I’m going, and how will I know when I get there?  Well in time GOD will reveal his plan to you!  You are going to be so sure that you are in the right place there will be no doubt that this is the place that GOD has for you!


Sunday:  Meditate of the Word of GOD!  If you have been in place of despair, discouragment, and despiration…then it is time to MOVE!