Who is Christ?

Who is Christ Matthew 16:13-20
This question must be answered if we are to have a proper relationship with God.  Some see Jesus as a great prophet, or as a phenomenal leader, or just a good man. But no matter what others may say about him, we have to determine who is Christ to us.  
I asked a group one time what is Jesus’s last name and one person blurted out Christ.  With our Western mind set I can definitely see how one can arrive at that conclusion.  The word Christ is not a name but a title.  So when Peter said that Jesus is the Christ he was making a confession.  
Since the beginning of time, man has been looking for a Messiah.  In fact the name Christ really means Messiah.  Remember that the Messiah would be a type of David so he would be a prophet, priest and King. He would be the anointed one (Christ) from God the Father.  Let’s look at these three aspects of Jesus the Messiah as prophet, priest and king.  
First as a prophet, Jesus would have to speak the word from God.  He bore witness of this in John 12:49 and stated that He only speaks what the Father says.  This is special because the prophets only spoke the word that God gave them.   Notice that Jesus was likened unto prophets (Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Elijah or one of the prophets).  Jesus is a unique prophet in that he not only spoke the word that God gave Him but He is the Word (John 1:1-3).  The prophet presents God to the people
As a priest, he was qualified to offer up to God sacrifices.  In Hebrews Jesus is referred to as a priest several times, (Hebrews 4:14, 7:26-27,  9:12).  The priests job is to present the people to God.  Jesus was a unique priest because not only did he offer up a sacrifice, the sacrifice that he offered was Himself.  Wow, let that sink in that not only is he a priest but he also was the sacrifice that would be offered.
As a King, he is ruler over his people.  Revelation speaks of him as the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords (19:16).   He rules and he super rules.  No matter what the verdict is, He is going to have the last say.  When we think of a king, we think majesty, royalty, and reign.  But Jesus describes a different type of King.  This king must suffer.  I believe this is why Peter rebuked Jesus because he could not imagine a suffering-King.  A reigning king —by all means yes, but a suffering king- be it far from you Jesus.  
Peter was rebuked by Jesus because of this but why does Jesus refer to Peter as Satan in his rebuke.  If you remember when Jesus met Satan in the desert what did he attack —–His Kingship and his kingdom. Satan tried to talk Jesus out of suffering but the master would not have it.  Satan said to make the stone bread but Jesus denied him.  When the 5000 needed food, he had no problem doing it for the kingdom. Satan said “cast yourself down” but Jesus denied him.  But when the disciples were at sea, Jesus had no problem rebuking the wind and waves for the kingdom.  
As we look upon Jesus, let’s not forget who He is.  He is the Christ-King, Christ-Prophet and Christ-Priest. All that you or I will ever need can be found in this wonderful Christ.   So the question is really not who do men say that He is but the question is who do you and I say that He is.  I believe with Peter that He is the Christ the Son of the Living God.